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Onondaga County is located in central New York. East of Rochester, west of Utica, and north of Ithaca, the city of Syracuse serves as the county seat. Onondaga County is home to Syracuse University. In addition to the city of Syracuse, Onondaga County is also home to the following towns: Salina, Fayetteville, DeWitt, Cicero, Fabius, and others. Onondaga County has an extensive transportation network as it is geographically centered in upstate New York.

The Onondaga County District Attorney’s office is responsible for prosecuting most criminal cases in Onondaga County, including Vehicle and Traffic (V&T) violations. Suppose you’ve been charged with a traffic offense in Onondaga County. In that case, you have two options: pleading guilty to the charge against you, paying the associated fines, or challenging the charges against you. Drivers also have the ability to request a traffic ticket reduction to reduce the associated fees through the Onondaga County District Attorney’s website. Discussing your case with an attorney as soon as possible can help you avoid costly fines, increased premiums, and other adverse results.

Every day, Onondaga County drivers are charged with traffic violations they didn’t commit, and many drivers assume they need to pay the ticket. However, contesting your traffic ticket can help you avoid serious consequences. Paying your ticket is equivalent to pleading guilty and can result in fines, surcharges, points on your driver’s license, and increased insurance premiums.

Fight Your Ticket With an Onondaga County Traffic Ticket Attorney

When you consult with The New York Traffic Ticket Lawyers, we will help you understand your legal options and pursue the best outcome for your case. Our attorneys have a proven track record of getting traffic tickets dismissed and obtaining plea bargains for lesser offenses. We represent clients facing a wide range of traffic violations in Onondaga County and throughout central New York.

Common Traffic Violations We Handle in Onondaga

At The New York Traffic Ticket Lawyers, our attorneys routinely handle a wide range of traffic violations. Some of the most common types of traffic violations we handle include the following:

The Benefits of Working with a Traffic Attorney

Many New Yorkers don’t take traffic tickets seriously. They may pay the ticket and move on or ignore it. Both of these options can result in negative consequences. An attorney can help you fight your traffic ticket and may be able to get the ticket dismissed or negotiate lower penalties. Paying a traffic ticket is the same as pleading guilty and will result in fines, surcharges, increased insurance premiums, and more. For example, in New York state, the penalties for traffic tickets can include the following:

  • Penalty fee, court costs, and late fees
  • Community service
  • Points on your driver’s license that could lead to a license suspension or revocation
  • Jail time or imprisonment
  • Suspension or revocation of your commercial driver’s license (CDL)
  • Jail time or imprisonment
  • The requirement to pay for and install an ignition interlock device (IID)
  • Completion of a substance abuse program

We regularly defend clients in Onondaga County who are facing traffic tickets. When it comes to traffic tickets, law enforcement has the upper hand. Working with an attorney can level the playing field and ensure the traffic court hears your side of the story. Our legal team has many well-honed legal strategies at our disposal and a history of successfully negotiating with prosecutors. 

Our Traffic Attorneys Go to Onondaga County Court for You

Busy New Yorkers don’t have time to go to court and deal with a traffic ticket. When you work with The New York Traffic Ticket Lawyers, our attorneys will handle your ticket. We will go to court for you and use our trial experience to advocate for you in traffic court. We’re prepared to save you time and money by appearing on your behalf, so you don’t have to yourself. We will try to save you time and money by working to likely eliminate or substantially abuse any fines you may incur. 

We Handle Serious Traffic Ticket Violations

Not all traffic tickets are insignificant. On the contrary, pleading guilty to traffic tickets can result in severely negative consequences threatening your ability to drive, your finances, your reputation, and your freedom. For example, suppose a driver already has points on his or her license, is charged with a DWI, or was involved with a moving violation that resulted in a traffic fatality. 

In that case, they could face jail time, probation, and expensive fines and surcharges. Drivers with commercial driver’s licenses could lose their ability to continue working as a driver. We can help you whether you’re facing a potential license suspension revocation or jail time. Our traffic attorneys have an excellent track record in successfully beating traffic tickets.

Texting While Driving Charges in Onondaga County

New York police officers are vigilant about issuing tickets for texting while driving. When a police officer sees a driver using a phone or another electronic device, they will cite the driver for violating VTL 1225-c for using a mobile telephone or 1225-d for using a “portable electronic device.” One of our traffic attorneys can fight to reduce the ticket to a lesser violation or have the charge dismissed. 

The penalties for texting while driving are significant, including a fine of up to $200 for a first-time offense and a $93 surcharge. A conviction will result in five points on your driver’s license, making you nearly halfway to a suspended driver’s license. Don’t plead guilty if you’ve been charged with either of these violations. 

Aggravated Unlicensed Operator of a Motor Vehicle

Driving on a suspended license carries harsh penalties. The New York Traffic Ticket Lawyers frequently handle these cases and know how to achieve the best outcome possible. The degree of the offense will determine whether it’s a misdemeanor or a felony. The penalties range from a 30 jail sentence to a possible jail sentence of one to four years with a maximum $5,000 fine. With the help of a skilled unlicensed ticket attorney, you may be able to reduce your charges or have them dismissed.

Contact the New York Traffic Ticket Lawyers Today If You’ve Received a Traffic Violation in Onondaga County

The New York Traffic Ticket Lawyers understand how frustrating traffic tickets can be. Our experienced traffic ticket attorneys will sit down with you and carefully listen to your case. We’ll answer your questions and create an effective defense strategy unique to the facts in your case. Our legal team is here to help protect the rights of drivers in Onondaga County who are facing tickets for traffic violations. Contact The New York Traffic Ticket Lawyers today to schedule your free case review.