Out of State Central New York Traffic Tickets

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New York is a popular destination for tourists, with many busy freeways used by long-haul truckers. Not surprisingly, out-of-state drivers often receive speeding tickets while they visit New York. It can be tempting to ignore traffic tickets if you don’t currently reside in that state, thinking they won’t follow you back to your home state. In other cases, a driver may simply plead guilty and pay the fine by mail, thinking that the ticket won’t affect his or her driving record. 

Contact a Central New York Traffic Ticket Attorney For Out of State Residents

Ignoring out-of-state traffic tickets can put your driving privileges at risk of being suspended. It can also cause an increase in your insurance premiums. At the New York Traffic Ticket Lawyers, we have a proven track record of getting traffic tickets in New York reduced or dismissed. We will go to court on your behalf and advocate to have the charges dismissed, reduce your points, reduce your fines, and avoid any increases in your insurance.

Why You Should Hire a New York Traffic Attorney for an Out-of-State Ticket

Many people just assume that there isn’t anything they can do about out-of-state traffic tickets they receive while visiting New York. However, it’s well worth consulting with an experienced traffic attorney over your traffic ticket in many cases. Even if this is your first traffic violation or you live out of state, it’s worth discussing your case with an attorney. A traffic attorney can explain the potential consequences of the ticket so you can weigh your options. Additionally, a traffic attorney can help you understand all of your legal options.

We Appear In Court for Clients With New York Tickets

The first benefit of hiring a traffic attorney for an out-of-state ticket involves you saving time, money, and stress. If you would like to dispute the traffic ticket, or you are required to make an in-court appearance, returning to New York from another state can be expensive and time-consuming. You may have to take time off of work and pay for transportation and a hotel. In many cases, an attorney can represent you in court while you remain in your home state, reducing the cost of fighting your traffic ticket.

Avoid Consequences in Your Home State By Hiring a Traffic Attorney 

Sometimes, people assume that receiving an out-of-state traffic ticket can’t follow them back to their home state. On the contrary, your home state will be notified of a conviction or an unanswered summons in New York. Many states in the United States and Quebec have agreements requiring cities and states to share information about traffic violations. 

Specifically, Massachusetts, Florida, Missouri, Michigan, Texas, Nebraska, South Carolina, and Virginia (to name a few) will impose the full amount of points on your driver’s license for out-of-state traffic violations. In New Jersey, drivers receive two points for every out-of-state traffic violation. In California, drivers receive one point for minor offenses and two points for major traffic violations. Likewise, many states will suspend your driver’s license if you’re convicted of an out-of-state traffic violation that would have resulted in a driver’s license suspension if it had happened in your home state.

Suppose you already have points on your license in Massachusetts, and you travel to New York. New York State can and will contact the Massachusetts Department of Motor Vehicles and share information about your traffic violation in New York. The violation could result in increased points on your license and/or a suspension of your driver’s license. Your home state may also use the traffic-related conviction elsewhere to enhance offenses should you get pulled over in your home state.

Why Pay to Fight New York Traffic Tickets?

You may be wondering, why you should pay an attorney to fight an out-of-state traffic ticket when it would be easier to pay the fine? Hiring an attorney to fight a traffic ticket means that you don’t have to appear in court, and you will increase the likelihood of having the ticket dismissed. If you receive a speeding ticket in New York and are licensed to drive out of state, you won’t have to drive back to New York if you hire an attorney to fight your ticket.

Pleading guilty can be more dangerous than many people realize. Many drivers think they’re only paying a fine, but they don’t realize that their insurance premiums could go up dramatically. Accruing 11 points or more in New York, will result in your inability to drive in New York. 

Keeping Your Ability to Drive in Our State

Suppose a driver is speeding 41 miles above the speed limit on the Thruway. Doing so is an 11 point offense. If the driver is convicted, he or she will not be able to drive in New York for quite a while. Losing the ability to drive in New York can have negative consequences, especially if you are a commercial driver who frequently needs to pass through New York.

Finally, suppose you plead guilty or are convicted of a driving offense that would be a six-point offense in New York. In that case, you will have to pay a driver responsibility assessment that is $100 per year for three years and an additional $25 per year for each point over six you receive. In other words, one extra point can cost you $75 or more. It pays to work with an out-of-state traffic ticket attorney to avoid hidden costs and the prospect of having your license suspended.

Discuss Your Case With an Out of State Traffic Ticket Attorney 

If you have received an out-of-state traffic ticket while in New York, you need an experienced traffic attorney on your side. When you work with the New York Traffic Ticket Lawyers, you can rest assured that we will aggressively defend your rights and fight hard for the best outcome possible. We will attend court for you and handle your traffic ticket while you remain in your home state. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation and learn more about our legal services.

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