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Making a quick U-turn is often the most convenient way to get your car headed in the direction you need to go. U-turns are legal in New York state, but there are plenty of places where this maneuver is not allowed. If you were ticketed for making an illegal U-turn in central New York, a traffic ticket lawyer might be able to help.

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Understanding New York Driving Laws on U-Turns

Every state sets its own U-turn laws. In New York, U-turns are, by default, a legal driving maneuver. The general rule is that a driver can make a U-turn as long as they can do so safely and there is not a “No U-turn” sign posted. In New York, this sign usually looks like an arrow in the shape of an upside-down letter “U” with a red circle around it and a red line running diagonally across. 

It is possible to be ticketed while making a legal U-turn in New York. Most often, this occurs when a law enforcement officer deems the driving maneuver to be unsafe. For example, if you attempt to make a U-turn in front of an oncoming car, you might be ticketed for reckless driving

Illegal U-Turns in New York

Most illegal U-turn tickets in New York are issued in situations where the driver makes a U-turn in an area where it is not permitted. It is surprisingly easy to find yourself in this sort of driving situation. If you do not see a sign posted forbidding U-turns, it is easy to assume the move is a legal one. 

Unfortunately for New York drivers, there are many situations in which a U-turn is an illegal driving move in New York. Some of the most common situations include: 

  • In a curve or on a hill where there is less than 500 ft visibility in both directions
  • In a school zone
  • From the right or center lane
  • At a red light
  • In New York City business districts
  • On a limited-access expressway

These driving situations are all discussed in the New York State Driver’s Manual. However, if it has been a few years or decades since your driver’s ed class, it is easy to forget some or all of these laws about when U-turns are not allowed on New York roads.  

The Consequences of an Illegal U-turn Ticket in New York

If you are ticketed for performing an illegal U-turn in New York, you will be given a moving violation. Specifically, you will be ticketed for violating NY Veh & Traf L § 1161. This type of ticket incurs two points against your driver’s license. 

Depending on factors like county and municipal laws and the status of your license, fines for an illegal U-turn can range from $25-$150. If you already have multiple traffic violations on your driving record, the additional two points added for an illegal U-turn can make a significant difference. 

New York drivers who earn six or more points on their driving record within 18 months must pay a driver responsibility fee. This fee is owed for three consecutive years, with a total minimum payment of $300 and additional charges for additional points on your record. Failure to pay this fee results in suspension of your driver’s license.

U-Turn Penalties for Limo Drivers

In 2020, New York amended NY Veh & Traf L § 1161 to include stricter penalties for limousine drivers who make illegal U-turns. First-offense penalties involve fines ranging from $250 to $400 or up to 15 days in jail. 

For a second offense within 18 months, penalties increase to a fine of $600 to $750 and up to 45 days in jail. If the limo driver has passengers in the vehicle during the illegal U-turn, penalties rise to a fine of $750 to $1000 and up to 180 days in jail.

How a New York Traffic Ticket Lawyer Can Help

An illegal U-turn ticket can have far-reaching implications for your finances and the status of your New York driver’s license. It only takes six points on your license to find yourself paying hundreds in driver responsibility fees. 

Any time you are ticketed in New York, it is worth learning how a traffic ticket lawyer can help. At New York Traffic Ticket Lawyers, we show up to court on your behalf and fight to have the ticket dropped or your fines reduced. We save you the hassle of appearing before a judge as we put our legal experience to work fighting for your finances and license. 

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