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New York authorities have decided to crack down on red-light violations due to increased violations. Drivers can be ticketed for running a red light after a police officer physically sees them run the light. Additionally, drivers can receive a ticket in the mail after a red light camera catches them in the act.

Have You Received a Ticket for a Red Light Violation? We Can Help

Whether you received a ticket in the mail or in person, discussing your case with an attorney can be helpful. Pleading guilty to running a red light and paying the fines can lead to significant consequences, especially if you already have points on your driver’s license. By fighting your ticket, you may be able to avoid paying fines, surcharges, and having points added to your driver’s license. Contact The New York Traffic Ticket Lawyers to schedule your free initial consultation. 

VTL 1110a – Running a Red Light in New York

Failure to obey a traffic control device, such as a stoplight or stop sign, violates VTL – 1110a. VTL -1110a requires drivers to obey all types of traffic control devices by stopping at a red light. The statute also requires drivers approaching a steady red light to stop before entering the crosswalk near the intersection. If there is no crosswalk, they must stop at the point nearest the intersection where the driver can see oncoming traffic. Drivers must remain stopped at the red light until they receive a green light indicating that they can proceed. 

The penalties for this offense can include a fine of up to $150, a surcharge of up to $85, 2 points on your driver’s license, and potentially jail time of up to 15 days. Many drivers who receive a ticket for running a red light will also be charged with more serious violations, such as reckless driving charges with even more severe penalties.

VTL 1111(d) Violation Penalties

The second type of traffic violation you can receive for running a red light falls under VTL 1111(d). This section of the traffic code explains when drivers can make a right or left turn at a traffic light. Right turns made at a red light are only allowed after the driver has entirely stopped. Drivers can make a right on red unless they are otherwise prohibited because the driver yielded the right of way. There needs to be no oncoming cars or pedestrians when a driver makes a right turn at a red light. 

According to VTL 1111(d), the penalties for this red light violation depend on whether or not the red light you allegedly ran was in a city with a population of over 1 million people. If you receive this violation when you are outside of a highly populated city, the penalties can include a fine of up to $225, a surcharge of up to $85, three points added to your driver’s license, and up to 15 days in jail. 

If you are inside a city of 1 million or more, the penalties can include a fine of up to $450, a surcharge of up to $85, three points added to your driver’s license, and up to 15 days in jail. It is possible to receive tickets that include both types of violations, potentially resulting in even harsher penalties. In addition to these fines and penalties, a driver’s insurance premium will increase after conviction. Additionally, drivers relying on a clean driving record for their jobs may have difficulty remaining employed. 

Should I Contest My Red Light Ticket?

If you receive a ticket for running a red light in the mail, you may assume you should just pay the ticket. Many people may not realize that contesting a traffic ticket is an option. They either ignore the ticket or pay it, even if they were not at fault. At The New York Traffic Ticket Lawyers, we help clients get traffic tickets dismissed so they can walk away without paying fines or having points out of their driver’s license. We understand New York traffic law and the traffic court system. We will develop the best defense possible in your case and effectively argue for you in traffic court.

Defenses Against These Violations

Most red-light tickets are issued after a traffic camera takes a photo of the driver running a red light. It can be challenging to prove who was driving the vehicle based on the photo. If you choose to challenge your red light ticket, there are a few defenses you can use that will increase the likelihood that your case will be dismissed, including:

  • The photo or video evidence is too blurry or unclear to identify your vehicle
  • Mechanical problems occurred that resulted in you having to run the red light
  • You or your passenger were having a medical emergency
  • You were not driving the car at the time the photograph was taken
  • Your car was stolen
  • The light turned red too quickly
  • You ran the red light to avoid an accident

If you received a ticket for running a red light from a law enforcement officer, you might be able to argue that the officer failed to see you entirely stop. Perhaps there was another vehicle or visual obstruction between the law enforcement officer and your vehicle. 

Discuss Your Red Light Ticket With a Skilled Attorney

When you work with The New York Traffic Ticket Lawyers, you can rest assured that our attorneys will fight diligently to have your ticket dismissed. We provide our clients with a free case evaluation so they can learn more about us. If you hire our experienced legal team, we will handle your entire ticket, including representing you at hearings, traffic court, and any other legal proceedings. Working with an attorney can help you save time, prevent stress, and potentially save you money. Contact The New York Traffic Ticket Lawyers to schedule your free consultation. 

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