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A commercial driver license (CDL) allows a driver to operate a specific type of vehicle, such as a truck, big rig, or vehicle that transports passengers. To obtain a commercial driver license, a driver must have specialized training and pass appropriate testing. If you have a commercial driver license in Central New York and you’ve received a traffic ticket, your ability to earn an income could be in jeopardy. Your CDL could be suspended or revoked if you don’t successfully fight the traffic ticket.

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At the New York Traffic Ticket Lawyers, we represent commercial drivers, including truck drivers, facing disciplinary action for violating traffic laws. We have successfully defended many truck drivers and companies from traffic tickets. If your commercial driver license is at risk, our experienced legal team will fight to help you, so you don’t jeopardize your commercial driver license that allows you to make a living.

The Penalties for CDL Tickets Can Be Serious

Professional drivers with commercial driver’s licenses are also held to higher standards than other drivers. Various state and federal laws are regulating commercial vehicles. When commercial drivers violate these rules, drivers can get traffic tickets. Traffic tickets may not seem like a big deal to many. However, some of these violations could have relatively serious consequences, such as driver’s license suspension and significant fines. 

Some CDL traffic violations are considered “out of service,” meaning they could result in a commercial truck being taken off the road. Commercial drivers are expected to know and follow all of the state and federal rules regarding commercial vehicles. A truck driver can’t claim that he or she didn’t know about the regulation. If the ticket isn’t dismissed, drivers can face serious penalties and lose their ability to continue working in their industry. Given these serious consequences, it’s important to work with a knowledgeable CDL traffic ticket attorney when you’ve been ticketed.

Common CDL Traffic Tickets in Central New York

Commercial drivers are subject to different laws depending on the type of driving they do. For example, taxi drivers in New York need to follow many different state regulations. Long-haul truckers are subject to the regulations of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). These regulations address the maximum hours that a long-haul trucker is allowed to operate a vehicle without taking time to rest. 

Federal regulations also address the maintenance and inspection requirements that a commercial trucker needs to fulfill. CDL traffic tickets involved failure to comply with these rules. For example, a truck may be too heavy, or a truck driver may be caught speeding. These federal regulations impose limitations on the maximum weight and length of a commercial vehicle.

Driving While Intoxicated As a Commercial Driver

In some cases, the laws for commercial drivers are stricter than laws for passenger vehicle drivers. For example, commercial drivers face more stringent laws on issues like the speed limit and driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In New York, driving with a blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 percent or higher is considered illegal and will result in a DUI charge. 

Commercial drivers with a CDL can be charged with a DUI if they have a BAC of just .04 percent or higher. Additionally, if a commercial driver violates a speeding law by driving excessively, the driver will face harsher consequences. Even if a truck driver operates a motor vehicle after having only one or two alcoholic drinks, his or her ability to earn a living in the future could be jeopardized due to legal consequences.

Fighting Your CDL Traffic Ticket

Many people assume that they can’t effectively fight a CDL traffic ticket. On the contrary, you do not have to roll over and pay the citation and face the consequences. In many cases, traffic enforcement officials who are over-zealous make errors when issuing traffic tickets. Working with an experienced attorney can help you fight back and spare you the consequences of a CDL traffic ticket. 

How a CDL Traffic Attorney Can Help You

At the New York Traffic Ticket Lawyers, our legal team has a track record of success in helping commercial drivers and taxi drivers avoid legal penalties. We can also help reduce the penalties when a commercial driver has been accused of violating regulations, rules, or driving safety laws. When we meet with clients, we investigate each case and assess the evidence to help formulate the most effective legal strategy.

The New York Traffic Ticket Lawyers understand federal and New York traffic laws that affect commercial drivers. We understand the different challenges taxi drivers, commercial truck drivers, and van and bus operators face. We use this knowledge to effectively identify what type of legal defense will work best for our clients. Our New York traffic law firm has represented many professional drivers with different types of commercial licenses in all of the following cases:

  •  Taxi driver violations
  •  CDL violations
  •  CDL drunk driving cases
  •  CDL license suspensions and revocations
  •  Disciplinary proceedings for taxi drivers

In some cases, the best option is to fight the allegation of wrongdoing. In other cases, it could mean working to negotiate a deal to admit to the less serious offense in exchange for facing reduced penalties. Deciding which approach to take will depend on many factors, including the strength of the evidence against you. For this reason, getting personalized legal advice is essential. 

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The New York Traffic Ticket Lawyers can provide you with invaluable legal assistance when you’ve been given a traffic ticket as a commercial driver. The stakes are higher when you have a commercial driver license. If you don’t successfully fight the traffic ticket, you could lose your commercial driver license and your ability to make a living. The sooner you reach out to a CDL traffic ticket attorney, the better. Contact the New York Traffic Ticket Lawyers today to schedule your free initial consultation and learn more about how we can fight for you.

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