The Effect of Traffic Violations on Auto Insurance for Young Drivers

When it comes to young drivers, there are many things to be worried about. Parents know that no amount of lecturing or wishing will keep their kids safe on the road. The best they can do is make sure new drivers are well prepared for any driving situation. 

New York offers a variety of driving terrain, from heavy city traffic to winding rural roads. Staying safe is everyone’s priority, but the costs involved with driving mistakes are also a concern. 

Teen drivers are more apt to make mistakes as they learn to navigate through different driving conditions. Tickets for speeding or failing to stop at a stop sign are serious infractions that can come with a hefty price. Paying fines is only part of the cost. Traffic violations can have a big impact on the price of auto insurance for young drivers.

The Most Costly Violations

Exactly how much a violation will affect a teen’s insurance costs depends on several factors, including the teen’s insurance provider, the type of car they drive, their sex, their location, and the violation itself. Age also plays a big role; however, in most cases, car models impact premium costs more than other factors. 

On average, failure to observe a sign or signal can increase a young person’s insurance rate up to 28 cents on the dollar. Speeding can cost up to 31 cents, and reckless driving adds up to 77 cents per dollar on insurance premiums. That means if your teen driver’s insurance currently costs $1,000 a year, it could increase to $1,770 after a ticket for reckless driving. 

In general, younger drivers are penalized at lower rates than older drivers who don’t follow traffic laws, especially for minor tickets. However, accumulating violations has a snowball effect. Research shows that adult drivers with a history of violations and accidents may pay up to 300 percent more for insurance coverage than safe drivers in the same demographic.  

Saving on Auto Insurance

There are many ways a young driver can lower the cost of their car insurance. To start, taking some type of state-approved driver’s education course will help. Kids with good academic performance may also get a break on insurance costs. 

The vehicle a teen drives may have the biggest impact on price. New cars cost more to insure for any driver. Buying a used vehicle can save up to 13% on premium costs. Using plug-in devices that track driving habits is also helpful. 

Parents may assume their current insurance company automatically offers the best deal, but comparison shopping is always a smart idea. If you’re planning on adding your teen to your existing policy, take the time to call a few competitors and make sure you’re getting the best deal possible. 

Follow Safe Driving Laws

Following the rules of the road is important regardless of insurance costs. Safe drivers are more likely to avoid accidents. Becoming an excellent driver takes experience, and sometimes that learning curve includes making a minor mistake or two. 

It may be rare, but sometimes tickets are issued unfairly. Young drivers have as much right to fight unjust traffic tickets as adults do. If your teen has been issued a violation they believe is a mistake, The New York Traffic Ticket Lawyers in Syracuse, NY can help.

Brandon M. Jones is a paralegal for New York Traffic Ticket Lawyers. Experienced in Traffic Law, Brandon assists our attorneys in traffic-related matters, including DWI, CDL violations, and speeding tickets. If you have any questions about this article, you can contact Brandon by clicking here.