How Consulting an Attorney Can Actually Save You Money

If you received a speeding or other traffic ticket in New York, you have a choice. You can fight the ticket and try to avoid paying the fine or open up your pocketbook and pay the ticket. You may assume that compared to paying for speeding tickets, the lawyers’ fees you would need to pay to fight your case would be more expensive.

Rather than being a drain on your finances to fight speeding tickets, lawyers with experience in traffic violation law can end up saving you money when you use their services. 

There are at least three ways that you could partner with an attorney and walk away from your traffic ticket paying less than you would if you just paid the ticket outright:

Your Attorney Can Help You Defeat the Ticket

Even minor traffic tickets can be expensive, and you may not be able to afford the fines and costs of the ticket itself. An attorney can assist you in defending yourself against the ticket, and if you are successful, you could end up not owing any fines or other costs to the court for your ticket. If you do not pay these promptly, additional penalties or collections costs could be assessed.

Law enforcement officers and prosecutors want you to believe that traffic tickets are airtight and impossible to defend against. In reality, there may be various flaws with how the officer conducted the traffic stop or with the officer’s equipment. You lose these potential defenses by just paying the ticket or fighting it yourself and losing.

If you and your attorney prevail in your case, you could save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in fines and costs. Such savings could offset the cost of your representation.

A Conviction Can Increase Your Insurance Rates

There are more consequences to a speeding traffic ticket than the fines and court costs. If you pay the ticket or are found guilty in court, a conviction will go onto your driving record. 

Your insurance company may pull a copy of your driving record, or you might be contractually obligated to disclose the ticket to them. In either case, your insurance company will likely know about the conviction.

While every insurance company is different, most respond to a speeding ticket or moving violation conviction by raising your insurance premiums or canceling your coverage altogether. Even after paying the fines and costs of the ticket, you could face recurring costs from your insurer as a result of your conviction.

You Could Lose Your Job Over Your Ticket

If your work requires you to have a valid driver’s license as a condition of your employment, a traffic ticket presents a significant risk to you. A conviction could result in the suspension or revocation of your license if the offense is serious enough or if you have accumulated multiple violations in a short period of time.

Losing your job as a professional driver would create financial havoc for you and your family. You might have trouble paying your bills and meeting your other obligations until you find alternative employment.

Speak With a New York Traffic Ticket Attorney Today

For these reasons and more, your first call after getting a traffic ticket should be to New York Traffic Ticket Lawyers. We will explain your options for addressing your ticket and help you avoid as many of the financial consequences of a conviction as possible. This includes taking your case to trial if necessary to protect your driving record and your wallet.

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David Hammond, Esq. is a traffic offense lawyer and prosecutor that has over a decade of experience fighting for the rights of service members and their families. He served nine years and went on two combat tours as an active duty US Army officer. He then joined the Reserves and moved to Syracuse to be near his family. Not only does he defend the rights of Central New Yorkers, but he also has a veteran-focused practice. David represents servicemen and women before the military appellate courts and takes cases to fix service members’ military records. If you have any questions about this article, you can contact David by clicking here.