Lost Your Traffic Ticket? What to Do Next

When you get a traffic ticket, you can either pay it or dispute it. However, if you lose the ticket, what happens to your case then? As you may well know, traffic tickets contain essential information about your charge and future important court dates. Losing your ticket could lead to significant legal problems if you don’t get the information you need.

What to Do When You Lose a Ticket in NYC

As you know or might imagine, there are ways to remedy a lost-ticket situation. How exactly you go about it depends on where your traffic ticket was issued and sometimes the nature of the charges. With a few steps, you can put the issue to rest and get the traffic ticket information you need. 

Do Not Ignore It

Under no circumstances should you ignore a lost traffic ticket. The underlying infraction will not go away. In fact, you will face far steeper penalties, including license suspension and fines, if you choose to ignore a traffic ticket. Out-of-state drivers must heed this warning as well due to the reciprocity agreements New York has with other states. 

Determine Where the Ticket Occurred

The first step in dealing with a lost traffic ticket in New York is determining where the ticketing took place. 

If it was within one of the five boroughs — Staten Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, or the Bronx — then you can easily search for your Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) ticket online.

To perform your search, you will need:

  • Ticket number
  • DMV ID number (found on your New York State driver’s license or permit)
  • Full name, D.O.B., and gender if you do not have a New York DMV ID Number

If you do not have your ticket number (a common problem), you may still proceed with your online search. The system may be able to use your identification information to find your ticket. If the online search proves to be unsuccessful, you can visit a TVB office for in-person help. 

If your ticket was issued outside of the five boroughs, you can simply call the court clerk for information. They will have answers to your questions regarding the status of your case and what to do next. If you do not know your ticket number, do not fret. The clerk can help you using your personal information. 

If you do not remember precisely where the ticket took place, you will have a bit of a challenge ahead of you. There are thousands of courts in the state. You would need to go to each one in the area of your ticketing incident until you found the right one. This could yield results quickly, but it likely would not.

If you have no luck finding the court, you can simply wait to be contacted after you fail to take action. The DMV will be notified by the court of your failure to take action and then notify you of the options you have to remedy the situation before your license is suspended. 

Talk to an Experienced Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Hiring a traffic ticket lawyer is one of the most effective ways to quickly solve your traffic ticket issues with the most optimal results. Attorneys who handle these cases know how the system works and are efficient at tracking down lost tickets and helping their clients get favorable outcomes.

New York Traffic Ticket Lawyers can help you handle any and all of your traffic ticket violations. Call our office today for a free consultation in Central New York and throughout the state. A skilled traffic ticket lawyer will take your call and explore the options available to you.

David Hammond, Esq. is a traffic offense lawyer and prosecutor that has over a decade of experience fighting for the rights of service members and their families. He served nine years and went on two combat tours as an active duty US Army officer. He then joined the Reserves and moved to Syracuse to be near his family. Not only does he defend the rights of Central New Yorkers, but he also has a veteran-focused practice. David represents servicemen and women before the military appellate courts and takes cases to fix service members’ military records. If you have any questions about this article, you can contact David by clicking here.