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What Happens If a New York Speeding Ticket Goes Unpaid?

If you’re caught speeding in New York (or any other state), you will have to pay the price. That usually means a ticket. If you ignore it and let the fine go unpaid, you’ll likely face serious consequences.

You can learn more about what can happen if you don’t pay your speeding ticket below. We’ll look at what happens if a New York speeding ticket goes unpaid and also cover other types of tickets and violations and what can happen if you don’t take care of them.

Your License Could Be Suspended

One of the common consequences of an unpaid speeding ticket is that your license could be suspended. This usually happens if you have multiple unpaid tickets or have been caught speeding excessively.

If your license is suspended, you won’t be able to drive until you pay the fine and legally reinstate your license. In New York, getting your license reinstated can be quite complicated, and you may have to appear in court.

You Could Be Facing Some Hefty Fines

If you think the original fine for your speeding ticket is high, it will only increase if you don’t pay it. The penalty will increase in New York and other states the longer you go without paying.

Not only that, but you could also be facing additional fees and penalties. In New York, these can include a driver responsibility assessment and a surcharge fee.

You Could Be Arrested

In some instances, you could even be arrested for not paying your speeding ticket. This usually happens if you have multiple unpaid tickets or if the original offense was quite serious.

If you’re arrested for an unpaid speeding ticket, you’ll likely have to spend at least a few hours in jail until you can be arraigned in front of a judge. You’ll also have to appear in court later, where you could be facing even more severe penalties.

You Could Be Facing More Serious Charges

You could face more serious charges if you’re caught speeding excessively or have multiple unpaid tickets. These could include reckless driving or even vehicular manslaughter. Of course, these are much more serious offenses than a simple speeding ticket, and you could face jail time if you’re convicted.

Your Suspended License Will Be Reported to the Other States

Unbeknownst to many drivers, if your license is suspended in one state, it will also be reported to other states. So if you have a suspended license in New York and try driving in another state, you could face serious consequences.

You could be arrested and have your automobile impounded. You may also have to pay a fine and have your license reinstated in the state where you were caught driving.

You Could Be Denied Auto Insurance Coverage

If you let your speeding ticket go unpaid and your license is suspended, you could also be denied auto insurance coverage. Most insurance companies will not insure drivers with a suspended license.

If caught driving without insurance, you could face some serious punitive measures. These could include fines of up to $1,500.

Get the Help You Need

As you can see, it’s not worth ignoring your speeding ticket and hoping nothing bad will happen. If you get a ticket, pay it as soon as possible to avoid these consequences.

If you’re facing serious charges, it’s crucial to get the help of an experienced attorney. At New York Traffic Ticket Lawyers, we have a team of experienced lawyers who can help you with your Central New York traffic ticket violations. 

We’ll work to hopefully get the charges against you reduced or even dismissed so that you can move on with your life. Contact us today for a free consultation.