Car goes past a stop sign on the road

Can You Dispute a Traffic Ticket if the Sign Wasn’t Visible?

You’re driving, trying to get to your destination, when all of a sudden, you see flashing blue and red lights behind you. You may be unsure of what you did until a police officer says they saw you violate a posted street sign, and even then, you have no idea what they mean until you realize you never saw the sign in the first place.

It’s a situation that happens to most, if not all, drivers at some point. If you receive a traffic ticket caused by your inability to see a road sign, help is available for you. A knowledgeable traffic ticket attorney can dispute your ticket on your behalf.

Sometimes, Traffic Signs Are Not Noticeable

It’s not uncommon for traffic signs to go unnoticed, and it can happen for several reasons. For instance, a street sign may be:

  • Hiding behind a tree or thick branches
  • Completely covered in graffiti
  • Bent and therefore impossible to see from your vehicle

Police officers often ticket drivers for running through signs or not respecting what the sign dictates, including:

  • Stop signs
  • Yield signs
  • Posted speed limits

If you are unable to see a street sign and receive a ticket for your failure to respect the posted sign, you may be able to dispute it. 

What to Do if You Receive a Traffic Ticket Because of an Obstructed Traffic Sign

If you receive a traffic ticket because of not following a road sign that wasn’t visible to you, don’t panic. Accept the ticket from the officer, and you can dispute it later on.

If possible, take detailed photos or videos of the sign you were unable to see. While you can argue you weren’t able to see the traffic sign, a picture is worth a thousand words, and genuine photo or video evidence is better than a verbal argument alone. 

As soon as you’re able, discuss your situation with an experienced traffic ticket attorney. While you can take on the task of appealing your traffic ticket on your own, having a lawyer represent you often yields more favorable results.

What Not to Do if You Receive a Traffic Ticket Due to a Hidden Street Sign

Getting stopped by law enforcement and receiving a ticket is usually a frustrating experience. While you may be tempted to argue with the officer in the heat of the moment, you should refrain from doing so, as arguing and being difficult with a police officer is never a good idea and can further complicate your situation. 

Also, when speaking to the law enforcement officer, don’t say anything that could hurt your chances of a successful dispute. Take your traffic ticket and let a ticket defense lawyer do the rest. 

After receiving a traffic ticket, though, it’s important to take action as soon as possible. Failure to do anything about your traffic ticket can have significant consequences, including the suspension of your driver’s license.

Disputing a traffic ticket for lack of visibility? Let a Skilled Traffic Ticket Lawyer Handle Your Case

Getting a traffic ticket may seem scary, as you may be unsure of what to do. You can attend your court date and make your argument as to why you didn’t see the traffic sign, but it is not an easy argument to make. Judges often hear this defense from individuals with weak arguments.

A skilled traffic ticket attorney can obtain the evidence and information needed to build a strong case on your behalf. When your court date arrives, they’ll be prepared to make a valid argument and seek the best possible outcome.

When you need assistance with your traffic ticket, contact The New York Traffic Ticket Lawyers. We proudly serve clients throughout Central New York. 

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